Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week #103

Hi Mom!

Wow so sad that Missy died! Sorry to hear that. I wasn't too attached to her so I was surprised that I was sad when I heard that. Bummer that Tanner is going to miss Cameron. I like both of those guys a lot. I'm glad I have some time to spend with Bennett before he goes.

This week was great. Collin got interviewed for his baptism yesterday. He's all good to go for Saturday. It's going to be a great service! 

Cassidy is pretty much all ready to go as well. We have a couple of lessons we're going to teach her this weekend and then she'll be set for next weekend. She's so ready. Her family is such a great support for her. She's awesome! 

I'm really excited to see you all and meet my Nephew for the first time haha! Love you so much Mom. You're the greatest! 



A picture sent to me by Max Demke of his former companion and Jackson.

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